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Idols Songs Generator

Idols Songs Generator

The song an Idol contestant sings can make or break them. Write your own song for your favorite just like example below:

"Like a Virgin"

Oh! baby, when i look into your underwear drawer My knees goes boom boom boom ! You make me Randy and I just wanna scratch-'n-sniff your birthday suit.

Your bad taste in women draws me nearer.
My bad up bringing could not be clearer.

When you do that thing with your elbow all the girls go 'shoop shoop shoo-waa'. So stop laughing at me and let's shell the movie rights.

My love for you grows stronger.
I can't handle paying my TV licence any longer.

The voices in my head say you're irritating like
Patricia Lewi's fashion advisor And thats my story and I'm sticking to it.

Now for the judges responses:

Gareth: "When I look at you I see a star."
Dave: "Umm...Duuh Duuh ."
Randall: " I prefered your last performance."
Mara: " I agree what they said."

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