terça-feira, 31 de julho de 2007

Love T-shirt Generator

If you want to show the world what you love, then design your own “Love T-shirt”

Love T-shirt Generator

[Love T-shirt Generator]

Airline Sign Generator

You can now have your own airline, kinda...

[Airline Sign Generator]

Anarchist Cookbook Generator

Make your own random Anarchy Cookbook.

[Anarchist Cookbook Generator]

Apology Note Generator

Love, marriage, and relationships can be difficult. Sometimes, all it takes is an apology. You can use this simple form for all your butt-kissing needs.

[Apology Note Generator]

Tattoo Back Generator

Create your own tattoo back image! Just type the text options you want and get the code to paste in Xanga, Hi5, Friendster, CherryTap, MySpace & more!

Tattoo Back Generator for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

[Tattoo Back Generator]

Lolcat Image Generator

Lolcats are image macros combining photographs of a cat with a humorous caption. You can make your own Lolcat images online with the Lolcat builder/Lolcat Image Generator.

Lolcat Image Generator

[Lolcat Image Generator]

Personal Love Letter Generator

Make your very own custom love letters! Just select the options you want and get the code to paste in your blog, website, or your MySpace profile.

[Personal Love Letter Generator]

Ambigram Generator

Ambigram Generator
Ambigrams are words or phrases that can be read in more than one way or from more than a single vantage point, most commonly right-side-up and upside-down.

You can now create your own Ambigram.

[Ambigram Generator]

MySpace Whore Me Bulletin Generator

This generator will allow you to pass it around your friends and their friends, everyone reposting it and adding you as a friend. This will generate tons of friends for you, most of whom know a friend of yours!

MySpace Whore Me Bulletin Generator Image: MySpace Whore Me Bulletin Generator Menu

[MySpace Whore Me Bulletin Generator]

Random Masturbation Synonym Generator

Random Masturbation Synonym Generator creates random synonyms from 150,000 possible combinations. Some will be happy accidents; others may not even make sense.

[Random Masturbation Synonym Generator]

Google Map Generator

Generate your very own map for your blog. Just enter your address and copy a small HTML snippet onto your blog templates.

[Google Map Generator]

Newspaper Clipping Generator

Create your own realistic looking newspaper clippings with your own headline and story. In example to surprise friends and coworkers, send a birthday greeting or for your blog, webpage, myspace, friendster, or hi5 profile.

Newspaper Clipping Generator

[Newspaper Clipping Generator]

segunda-feira, 30 de julho de 2007

Cigarette Packet Generator

Create your own funny cigarette packet with Cigarette Packet Generator.

[Cigarette packet generator]

Animated Ninja Text Generator


[Animated Ninja Text Generator]

Slashdot Story Generator

Slashdot Story GeneratorThe Slashdot Story Generator developed in PHP by BBspot. Just press the convenient "Next Story" button and you'll get the rush you desire when you see your chance to make the "First Post!"

[Slashdot Story Generator]

South Park Character Generator

Make your own custom South Park Character!
South Park Character Generator

[South Park Character Generator]

3d Homer Simpson Simpsons Comic Strip Generator

Let Homer Simpson say whatever you want.

3d Homer Simpson Simpsons Comic Strip Generator

[3d Homer Simpson Simpsons Comic Strip Generator]

McDonalds Drive Thru Image Generator

Create your own McDonalds Drive Thru Image.

McDonalds Drive Thru Image Generator

[McDonalds Drive Thru Image Generator]

Custom Picture Generator

Make your very own custom text picture for your blog, webpage, myspace, friendster, or hi5 profile using custom picture generator.

Myspace Picture Generator

Custom Picture Generator]

Desktop Backgrounds Generator

Enjoy this Free Desktop Backgrounds Generator, widescreen and standard resolutions for Vista, XP, Mac and Linux.
Desktop Backgrounds Generator

[Desktop Backgrounds Generator]

Babe Holding Sign Generator

Create your very own Babe Holding Sign, replace default text with yours.

Babe Holding Sign Generator

[Babe Holding Sign Generator]

Blogger Templates Generator

Blogger Templates Generator

Here, you can generate your blog's template without any require to HTML knowledge.

[Blogger Templates Generator]

domingo, 29 de julho de 2007

Vietnam War Image Generator

The Vietnam War is the American War in Vietnam, occurred from 1959 to April 30, 1975. You can now create your own Vietnam War image.

Vietnam War Image Generator

[Vietnam War Image Generator]

Barcode Generator

Barcode Generator
The barcode generator allows you to create a barcode graphic by providing barcode data, encoding type, and output file format.

[Barcode Generator]

License Plate Generator

Pick A State/Province then create your own License Plate.

License Plate Generator
[License Plate Generator]

The Christmas Song Generator

"Deck the halls with boughs of love, Fa la la la la, la la la la"

Deck the Halls (the original was 'holly')

Create your own Christmas Song.

[The Christmas Song Generator]

Myspace Layout Generator #2

Generate your own personalized Myspace layout.

[Myspace Layout Generator]

TShirt Generator

Make your own personalized T-Shirts for your webpage! Just select the options you want and get the code to paste in your MySpace profile, friendster page, blog or website.

[Tshirt Generator]

Willy Name Generator.

Every willy needs a name, but sometimes it's hard to find a name that will 'stand out.' Just click the shiny button until you find a name you like for your willy. Click as many times as you want, I guarantee you won't go blind.

I named my willy Commander Potent Sniper.

[ Willy Name Generator ]

Kanzler Generator.

The Kanzler - or chancellor - is the prime minister of Germany. This is a German site and rather out of date, but you can make funny random portraits, like these ones.

(thanks Barbara)

[ Kanzler Generator ]

Sick Clown Name Generator.

Some clowns are good and some are a little sick and wrong. Perhaps it's the rigors of the clown life. Or perhaps they were just born on the wrong side of Clown Town. If you've decided to slap on the makeup, pop on the nose, and unleash your inner clown on an unsuspecting world, we're here to help you get off on the right (giant) foot with a good, sick clown name.

My Sick Clown Name is Gutso Scabby Wrinkles.

[ Sick Clown Name Generator ]

Drug Name Generator.

Create a random drug name, like:

Syssolim, Cozonol, Solpreria, or Orazinta.

[ Drug Name Generator ]

quinta-feira, 26 de julho de 2007

E-Mail Icon Generator

Generate your own E-Mail Icon. For GMail, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo!, AOL and many more!

E-Mail Icon Generator

[E-Mail Icon Generator]

Dummies Book Cover Generator

Now can make your own parody cover for a book that looks like it’s from the real “Books for Dummies” series.

Dummies Book Cover Generator

[Dummies Book Cover Generator]

quarta-feira, 25 de julho de 2007

Boing Boing Blog Post Generator

Ever wanted to create your own entry into Boing Boing? Boing Boing Blog Post Generator will help you to live out your dreams of Internet fame.

Boing Boing Blog Post Generator
[Boing Boing Blog Post Generator]

Einstein Chalkboard Form Generator

Einstein Chalkboard Form Generator lets you put words in Einstein's chalk.

[Einstein Chalkboard Form Generator]

Flickr Sign Generator

Type your text and it will download photos tagged with each letter from Flickr. Here is my Flickr Sign:

Flickr Sign Generator

[Flickr Sign Generator]

3D Face Generator

Fill out the form and 3D Face Generator will generate a 3D representation of your head.

3D Face Generator

[3D Face Generator]

Parody Motivator Generator

Create your own Parody Motivator.

Parody Motivator Generator

[Parody Motivator Generator]

Clippy Office Assistant Image Generator

Clippy Office Assistant Image Generator
This is an illustration of paperclip from MS Office known as "Clippy" or "Clippit". With this Clippy image generator you can now create funny images of Clippy asking users a question, and providing them with several possible actions to take. It's also possible to leave all the actions blank, resulting in an image where Clippy just makes a statement.

[Clippy Office Assistant Image Generator]

President Bush's Answer Generator

President Bush's Answer Generator
My Question:

"What is free generator?"

The President's Answer:

"I think, I think the premise of your question is incorrect. There's a misperception that these are things are linked, but I've never specifically said that. I've been careful not to say that. Look, you have to realize, we act on the information we are given, but if we are given incorrect information, we must still follow through and do what I believe, what we feel is right and needs to be done."

[President Bush's Answer Generator]

Acronym Generator

The Acronym Generator is a place to find acronyms from all over the Internet.

[Acronym Generator]

Myspace Picture Generator

Create your own MySpace Flashpix with Myspace Picture Generator.

Myspace Picture Generator

Victorian Sex Cry Generator

Victorian Sex Cry Generator
"Tired of all those boring, predictable shrieks and outbursts you keep using in bed? Wouldn't you like to be able to utter those moving, poetic love cries that you read in all those cheesy Victorian novels? The answer is at hand, if you have the wit to grasp it. Just click the button below to receive random exclamations"

[Victorian Sex Cry Generator]

Credit Card Numbers Generator

Credit Card Numbers Generator
Graham King said: "These are NOT valid credit card numbers. You can't buy anything with these. They are random numbers that happen to conform to the MOD 10 algorithm. They are a technical resource for programmers"

[Credit Card Numbers Generator]

Simpsons Avatar Generator

Create your own Simpsons Avatar, don't forget to login to save your avatar!

Simpsons Avatar Generator

[Simpsons Avatar Generator]

Free Sitemap Generator

Free Sitemap Generator is tools to generate a sitemap for you. They claims its spiders will, just like a Search Engine spider, crawl your website finding all links. When it is done spidering your website you will receive an e-mail. Your entire site (up to 5,000 pages) to make sure all links/pages are included in the sitemap.

[Free Sitemap Generator]

Porn Star Name Generator

Now there's an easy way to find out your porn star names. Just choose the sex you are most comfortable with, and press the "Submit" button.

[Porn Star Name Generator]

Balinese Sign Generator

Balinese Sign Generator
Balinese Sign Generator allows you to find out your Balinese astrological sign.

[Balinese Sign Generator]

Linux Sign Generator

Create your own Linux Sign.

Linux Sign Generator

[Linux Sign Generator]

terça-feira, 24 de julho de 2007

Action Figure Generator

Create your custom Action Figure

Action Figure Generator

[Action Figure Generator]

The Polaroid Generator

The Polaroid Generator
The Polaroid Generator by Polaroize is the service to convert any photos to Polaroid like images.

[The Polaroid Generator]

The Website Idea Generator

The Websites Idea Generator
  1. A money-making speaking doll that patches words in dot.com clusters.
  2. A text-to-speech data glove that patents the shopping experience in heavenly bots.
  3. A smart network module that speeds up grammar in new screens.
  4. A loud trash can that adjusts to hardware in new-born scripts.
  5. A rich client PC that automatizes grammar in cubist offline magazines.
  6. A Japanese W3C validator that breaks up Windows systems in bold applications.
  7. A futurist slide that reconditions traffic signs in vital tv productions.
  8. A stylish game that solves hackers in friendly ideas.
  9. A learning online radio that reconstructs Chinese characters in quick communities.
  10. A money-making meta search engine that corrects software in good-looking applications.
Need more Idea?

[The Websites Idea Generator]

FBI Seal Generator

Customize your own FBI Seal.

FBI Seal Generator

[FBI Seal Generator]

Unclickable Button Generator

Please, don't click button below!

[Unclickable Button Generator]

Scratch Message Generator

Everyone loves a good scratch... ticket. Now, you can put your very own message on a scratch ticket that does a whole bunch of cool things! Like I did. Scratch to see my secret message.

[Scratch Message Generator]

Button Generator

An easy way to Make a cool button in only 4 steps.

Button Generator

[Button Generator]

Blackberry Wallpaper Generator

Blackberry Wallpaper Generator
Upload an image to make your own Blackberry wallpaper.

[Blackberry Wallpaper Generator]

Chocolate Generator

Chocolate GeneratorDo you like chocolate? Would you like a chocolate bar with your name on it? Use this chocolate generator.

[Chocolate Generator]

Curriculum Vitae Generator

Curriculum Vitae Generator
The Curriculum Vitae Generator will make possible to quickly and simply create a Curriculum vitae for everyone. This application is using MS Word, you must enable the macros in this document to use the C.V. Generator. Close Word and reopen this file. When prompted, choose to enable macros.

[Download Curriculum Vitae Generator]

Button Generator

Button GeneratorCall it a badge, sticker, button, or whatever you'd like. Create yours. Pick some colors, enter some text, and you'll get a button you can download for your site.

[Button Generator]

Favicon Generator

Favicon GeneratorA favicon (short for "favorites icon" and also known as a page icon), is an icon assosiated with particular website or webpage that displayed in the browser address bar next to site's URL.

[Favicon Generator]

MySpace Layout Generator

You can make your very own space from scratch choosing from hundreds of backgrounds, contact table and banners.

[MySpace Layout Generator]

MySpace Flashpix Generator

Make your own at ProfilePitstop.com

[MySpace Flashpix Generator]

Bart Simpson Chalkboard Generator

Bart Simpson Chalkboard Generator
Bart's always getting in trouble, forced to write out his apologies on the chalkboard at the beginning of every episode of The Simpsons. Well now it's your turn to tell him what to write! Force him to apologize, or use take this chance to tell someone how you really feel!

[Bart Simpson Chalkboard Generator]

Harry Potter Story Title Generator

Story titles in the 'Harry Potter' style - with options to choose the main character or other members of the cast, and silly or nonsilly titles.

[Harry Potter Story Title Generator]