sábado, 30 de junho de 2007

YourGen Text Generator.

YourGen is a free, easy to use text generator. With the widest selection of fonts on any text generator, you're sure to find what you're looking for.

[ YourGen Text Generator ]

Flashpix Generator.

Choose a picture, a border and an effect and make your own Flashpix.

[ Flashpix Generator ]

Chocolate Bar Generator.

Do you like chocolate? Would you like a chocolate bar with your name on it? Now you can with the Chocolate Bar Generator.

(thanks David)

[ Chocolate Bar Generator ]

Cereal Box Generator.

Upload an image from your computer. (Width must be less then 150 pixels. Height needs to be less than 250 pixels. Upload only images that end in: .jpg) When you're satisified with your work, you can print out your box. To create the box, you'll just need to cut away the grey area and fold in the tabs.

(thanks Ruth)

[ Cereal Box Generator ]

St Patrick's Day Note Generator.

Type in your own message and copy/paste the code to your site.

(thanks Barbara)

[ St Patrick's Day Note Generator ]

terça-feira, 19 de junho de 2007

Slogan Generator.

Terrible things mixed with popular commercial slogans. Click on Murphy (that's the guy pointing his finger) to generate a random slogan.

[ Slogan Generator ]

sábado, 16 de junho de 2007

Boing Boing Post Generator.

Have you ever found yourself checking Boing Boing every few minutes, in hopes that they've posted another story for you to read instead of doing work? Ever wanted to create your own entry into the internet's Directory of Wonderful Things? Well, you can't.

Fortunately, there's the Boing Boing Blog Post Generator to live out your dreams of Internet fame. Choose a story you'd like to create.

[ Boing Boing Post Generator ]

Random Technobabble Generator.

Create some random technobabble, like:

* Synchronize the activation circuitry of the plasma injectors.
* Commander, will stabalizing the phase variance of the warp coil destabilize the strength of the plasma injectors?
* Increase the fluctuation of the disfunctional audio proccessor.

[ Random Technobabble Generator ]

Gnome Name Generator.

Is there a gnome sitting at the bottom of your garden? Does he look bored? Give him an identity! Give him a history and name your gnome with the Gnome Name Generator!

I named my gnome:
Norris the Musty Smelling Butcher of Tewkesbury

[ Gnome Name Generator ]

sábado, 9 de junho de 2007

Sketch Generator

Turn your photos into sketches with the Sketch Generator. Upload a photo from your hard drive, Flickr, MySpace, or Picasa account, and click on 'Continue.'

I turned a photo of my girl Maria into a sketch.

[ Sketch Generator ]

Tattoo Back Generator.

Get a tattoo on your back with the Tattoo Back Generator.

[ Tattoo Back Generator ]

Monster Generator.

Do you want to unleash a beast on humanity? Struggling to design the creature? Let the Monster Generator create the concept, so that you can concentrate on stitching him or her together using the animal parts you found by the roadside.

I created The Terrifying Mentally Unstable Ballroom Dancing Toilet Monster.

[ Monster Generator ]