quarta-feira, 30 de maio de 2007

Scissor Sisters Generator.

Wanna star in a new Scissor Sisters' video? Simply upload your best full-on head, and that of a friend. Then choose a sexy body, outfit and wig, and get down!

I created this video with two of the presidential candidates, Hillary and Barack.

Create your own dance video.

[ Scissor Sisters Generator ]

sábado, 26 de maio de 2007

Wired Magazine Cover Generator.

Design your own Wired Magazine cover. Customize your cover headlines, borders, color palette, background or upload a favorite photo.

[ Wired Magazine Cover Generator ]

Joke Opener Generator.

For people who are more into the setup than the punchline. The Joke Opener Generator gives you a creative joke opener without the fuss of having to remember the punchline. That's right, you can't get these jokes wrong!

A hundred bloated psychics walk into a sauna...

[ Joke Opener Generator ]

Button Generator.

Make a cool Web 2.0 button in only 4 steps.

(thanks Piero)

[ Button Generator ]

domingo, 20 de maio de 2007

Scratch Message Generator.

Scratch to see my message.

[ Scratch Message Generator ]

Disease Generator.

Why let the drug companies have all the fun? You can invent diseases, too! Create your very own disease, disorder or syndrome.
I created this one:

[ Disease Generator ]

Car Sticker Generator.

Customize your own car sticker.

[ Car Sticker Generator ]

terça-feira, 15 de maio de 2007

Airline Sign Generator.

Would you like to have your own airline? No problem, now you can... kinda. Simply type in some words and click on 'Take Off!'

(via innings)

[ Airline Sign Generator ]

SubGenius Brag Generator.

Do you like to talk boastfully. Use the Brag Generator to learn to talk with excessive pride. Here's an example:

I am a Moray Eel, I am a Komodo Dragon, I am the Killer Whale bereft of its pup! I use a triceratops for a prophylactic; I'm thicker, harder and meaner than the Alaskan Pipeline. Yes, I'm the purple flower of Hell County, give me wide berth; when I drop my drawers, Mother Nature swoons! I wipe the Pyramids off my shoes before I enter my house!

(thanks Drew)

[ SubGenius Brag Generator ]

CSS Generator.

Use these online generator tools (CSS Banner Generator, CSS Button Generator and the CSS Website Generator) to easily and visually create those popular 'XHTML valid' CSS banners, micro buttons or css website template in seconds. No programming required!

[ CSS Generator ]

sexta-feira, 11 de maio de 2007

Your Name In Lights Generator.

See your name in lights.

I got my name in lights with notcelebrity.co.uk

[ Your Name In Lights Generator ]

Roflbot Generator.

Roflbot is for generating image macros without using Photoshop. It's like the Lolcat Generator but not restricted to pictures of cats.

[ Roflbot Generator ]

Paper Wallet Generator.

Credit card cutouts and plenty of room for all your cash make this custom wallet the coolest thing on the block. It's 100% customizable allowing you to make this credit card and cash carrying papercraft the swiss army knife of wallets.

[ Paper Wallet Generator ]

Froo Froo Menu Generator.

Have you ever wondered how the chefs in those froo froo restaurants can keep coming up with such high-brow and precious sounding menu items like Trundled Duck Confit with a Gorgonzola Reduction? Well now you can too. With the Froo Froo Restaurant Menu Generator.

[ Froo Froo Menu Generator ]

terça-feira, 8 de maio de 2007

Beer Label Generator.

Customize the text, colors, and graphics to make your own beer label.

[ Beer Label Generator ]

segunda-feira, 7 de maio de 2007

Lolcat Generator.

Lolcats are photos of cats with humorous captions. Lolcat images consist of a photo, sometimes photoshopped, with words typed over the photo. Sometimes the captions are meant to be read as a comment from the cat (as if in a speech balloon), though it is also common for them to simply describe the depicted scene. They are usually intentionally grammatically incorrect, with errors in spelling and syntax.

Make your own lolcats.

[ Lolcat Generator ]

Metal Band Name Generator.

Cartoonist Doug Savage of 'Savage Chickens' fame has created a Metal Band Name Generator for one of his cartoons. Click the cartoon on his site for another metal band name. Then launch into an awesome guitar solo!

[ Metal Band Name Generator ]

sábado, 5 de maio de 2007

Bling Necklace Generator.

Customize your own 'Bling Necklace.'

[ Bling Necklace Generator ]

Personalized Playing Card Generator.

Create your own personalized playing cards at the click of a mouse button. Choose a playing card, upload a photograph, re-position if necessary and download your final image.

(thanks Ingelou)

[ Personalized Playing Card Generator ]

Domain Name Ideas Generator.

MakeWords.com is an online domain name generator - a brainstorming tool that simply returns a list of available domain names. Other uses of the tool can be unique name search for startup companies, brandable names for products, original names for roleplay characters, and naturally, creating names for anything that hasn't been named yet.

Advanced search options let you specify the minimum and maximum length of the desired name, designate custom keywords, prefixes or suffixes. MakeWords simultaneously checks the availability of a series of domain names while maintaining the seamless page load times.

[ Domain Name Ideas Generator ]

Official Badge Generator.

Enter some text, choose a an emblem, pick your colors, and click the 'Go' button. A Badge will be generated for you. Collect 'em, trade 'em, put 'em on your website, or e-mail 'em to your friends.

[ Official Badge Generator ]

terça-feira, 1 de maio de 2007

Cereal Box Generator.

Forget those losers on the Wheaties box, you can make your very own brand of breakfast cereal! Show Kellogg's, Post and General Mills a thing or two!

[ Cereal Box Generator ]