sábado, 31 de março de 2007

Modern Art Generator.

Viscosity is a modern art generator. Besides creating art you can also browse art made with Viscosity, watch Viscosity move and learn about Viscosity.

I created this wonderful piece of art and no, it's not for sale. Please don't send anymore requests.

[ Modern Art Generator ]

Horrible Sounds Generator.

Create some horrible sounds with this Bad Vibes Mixer. Like squeaky sounds, fingernails down a blackboard, a whoopie cushion or a dentist's drill.

[Horrible Sounds Generator ]

Stripe Generator.

The ultimate tool for Web 2.0 designers.

[ Stripe Generator ]

sábado, 24 de março de 2007

Web 2.0 Logo Generator.

Create a Web 2.0 logo.

(thanks ozkr)

[ Web 2.0 Logo Generator ]

Strange Words Generator.

Create some quasi neologisms and gibberish.
Like these:

SETTILUTP - musical term for operas about soccer-players growing beards to strengthen their position in the community, or

VASMINUNV - term for unemployed tax accountants bursting into flames and denying it afterwards.

[ Strange Words Generator ]

Air Guitar Stage Name Generator.

In Air Guitar, a great stage name is half the battle.
My stage name would be: Luke Skyrocker.

[ Air Guitar Stage Name Generator ]

sábado, 17 de março de 2007

Parody Motivator Generator.

For over two decades, the multi-billion dollar motivation industry has unleashed untold suffering upon the workplaces, schools and civil institutions of the world- in the insidious form of the motivational poster.

While promising to stimulate 'Hope,' 'Success' and 'Teamwork,' instead these tools of coercion and intimidation have inspired only grief, anger and nausea.

[ Parody Motivator Generator ]

Extreme Sports Generator.

Even the televised idiocy of so called 'professional' stunt men makes the creators of Chimpage yawn. If you really want to do something extreme, don't hammer nails into your genitalia - just create your own extreme sport.

Extreme Sports that I generated are:

Swedish One-Legged Monkey Abseiling.
Canadian Blindfolded Shark Jumping.
Australian Freestyle Giraffe Boxing.

[ Extreme Sports Generator ]

Landscape Urbanism Bullshit Generator.

In order to empower end-to-end scenarios and rectify frictionless ecotomes, we are maximizing site-specific methodologies to orchestrate malleable niches.

(via Eaten Up)

[ Landscape Urbanism Bullshit Generator ]

sexta-feira, 16 de março de 2007

Clover Generator.

Customize your own St.Patrick's Day clover.

[ Clover Generator ]

sábado, 10 de março de 2007

Easter Egg Generator.

This has got to be the easiest way to decorate an easter egg. There are no dyes or wax to make a mess. Choose egg colors, line styles or type a message onto your eggs.

As you're making them, your eggs will be displayed as square 'wrappers.' When you're done, they will be wrapped around eggs.

[ Easter Egg Generator ]

Leprechaun Name Generator.

Type in your name to find out what your Leprechaun name is.
Mine is Fluffernutter O'Malley.

(thanks Paul)

[ Leprechaun Name Generator ]

sexta-feira, 2 de março de 2007

St. Patrick's Day Button Generator.

Show your St. Patrick's Day spirit with a custom button!

Choose a background, use a pre-designed button picture or upload one of your own, and enter some text.

[ St. Patrick's Day Button Generator ]

Apple Rumor Generator.

You too can be an inside source with this amazing new handy dandy Apple Rumor creation tool. You can use the chart to create top notch and completely trust worthy rumors.

And if you're too lazy to put the thing together yourself, you can simply click a link at the bottom of the page to generate your own brand-spankin' new Apple Rumor.

(thanks Konstantin)

[ Apple Rumor Generator ]