terça-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2007

Polaroize Generator.

The Polaroize Generator converts any photo to a Polaroid-like image.

[ Polaroize Generator ]

Random Kitten Generator.

Generate a random kitten.

[Random Kitten Generator ]

Mooninite Quote Generator.

Alright, when I say your name, you say 'here.' And we will assume 'here' is short for 'here I am...rock you like a hurricane. - Ignignokt.

[ Mooninite Quote Generator ]

sexta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2007

Blog Signature Generator.

Create your very own automatic updating Blog Signature for your website, myspace or online forum. Type your blog url, blog feed and email address into a box and click generate.

Click the picture to see how it works.

[ Blog Signature Generator ]

Superhero Generator.

Did you know that everyone has a Superhero inside them? It's true! In fact, most people have a different superhero inside them every day - and it's only by getting in touch with your inner superhero that you can attain your ultimate potential.

My Superhero Identity for today is: Sergeant Snake.
Special Power: Power Hands, Transportation: Electric Umbrella, Weapon: Neutron Whip, Costume: Kevlar Underwear, Sidekick: Merry, Nemesis: Jack the Ugly, Tragic Flaw: Fear of germs, Favorite Food: Chocolate.

Find out your Superhero with the ultimate polypsychotronic transdimensional superhero identity calculator.

[ Superhero Generator ]

Dog Tag Generator.

Dog tags are worn by most military personnel around the world. They usually contain the name and identifying number of the person wearing them. Dogtags have recently become mainstream jewellery and are often gold or silver, sometimes with diamonds or other jewels embedded in them.

[ Dog Tag Generator ]

sábado, 10 de fevereiro de 2007

3D Ambigram Generator.

An ambigram, also sometimes known as an inversion, is a graphical figure that spells out a word not only in its form as presented, but also in another direction or orientation. A 3D ambigram is a design where an object is presented that will appear to read several letters or words when viewed from different angles.

[ 3D Ambigram Generator ]

Healthcare Coverage Generator.

Ever wonder how much your insurance company is going to pay up? The Healthcare Coverage Generator will explain your coverage for a variety of ailments.

[ Healthcare Coverage Generator ]

Portrait Illustration Generator.

Make your own portrait illustration.

(thanks Jialin)

[ Portrait Illustration Generator ]

domingo, 4 de fevereiro de 2007

Word Puzzle Generator.

Make your own word puzzle. And if you think this bears a strong resemblance to a certain TV game show, you are right.

[ Word Puzzle Generator ]

Robots.txt Generator.

A robots.txt file is a short text file that resides in your home directory. Before search engines spider your site, they look into this file to see which files/file types and/or directories they are not allowed to see.

This tool will make your robots.txt file. As a little 'extra' it also includes a block to many unwanted spiders that only crawl your site in order to collect the email addresses stored on your pages.(SPAM-bots).

[ Robots.txt Generator ]

quinta-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2007

Smoke Signal Generator.

Generate satellite-visible smoke signals from any place in the world.

(via dotSphinx)

[ Smoke Signal Generator ]

Visual Poetry Generator.

Write a comment or poem in the shape of hearts or other symbols. Something nice for Valentine's Day.

[ Visual Poetry Generator ]