segunda-feira, 26 de junho de 2006

Fast Food Restaurant Sign Generator.

Have you ever dreamed of being the guy who gets to change the signs at a fast food joint? Now you can, with the Fast Food Restaurant Sign Generator. You can choose between a McDonald's and a Wendy's.

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[ Fast Food Restaurant Sign Generator ]

Password Generator.

Hashapass automatically generates strong passwords from a master password and a parameter. Given the same master password and parameter, Hashapass will always give you the same result.

That's so you don't have to store your generated passwords anywhere: just go back to Hashapass with your master password and the parameter.

[ Password Generator ]

domingo, 25 de junho de 2006

Page Boost Generator.

Type in your web page address and let the Page Boost Generator review it. I asked for a review of The Generator Blog and this is what I got:

Review of The Generator Blog:
I just saw The Generator Blog. ( The color scheme is brilliant. The file is completely uncluttered. Seeing The Generator Blog, I'm simply stunned, completely stunned. There are 107,155 characters in the page, which is a cool length for Mozilla. If only Microsoft would have a cool page like that. It must have taken many years to design the page. Powerful but elegant. Don't get me wrong, I expected the creator to achieve only the best. Stunning. What a splendid page! This page is to the web what Einstein was to physics.
Frank Martin, Best Links

[ Page Boost Generator ]

sexta-feira, 23 de junho de 2006

Brazil Football Shirt Generator.

If you played for the Brazilian soccer team, what would your name be. Mine would be Gerinho.

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(thanks Neso)

[ Brazil Football Shirt Generator ]

Apocalyptic Event Generator.

The number of the beast, or antichrist, is 666 which, according to the Bible, will lead the world to the last judgment or doomsday. By using Masonic code schemes which have been kept a secret for centuries and which were also used by Nostradamus, this number can be calculated on thousands of phrases related to your search in the Apocalyptic Search Engine.

(thanks John)

[ Apocalyptic Event Generator ]

segunda-feira, 19 de junho de 2006

Fake Identity Generator.

Want to sign up for those annoying free iPod pyramid schemes? Want to use a pseudonym to use as your online identity to avoid companies from seeing your colorful past? Use the Fake Name Generator. Don't use this for illegal purposes.

It generates: first and last name, valid city, state, and zip code, telephone number with area code/prefix that match the generated city, mother’s maiden name and your birthday. I generated this fake identity:

Randy P. Fields, 759 Williams Drive, Rockwall, TX 75087
Phone: 214-771-5535. Mother's maiden name: Vaughn
Birthday: January 3, 1957.

[ Fake Identity Generator ]

domingo, 18 de junho de 2006

Worldwide Blessing Generator.

The Worldwide Blessing Generator is here to balance the negativity of the world. It mixes blessings and prayers from all world religions and gives a random hybrid of spiritual goodness. The intention is to create blessings in a spirit of religious tolerance that applies to all faiths and are truly worldwide in origin.

May your own hospitality inspire others to greater generosities, and let truthfulness and compassion be your guides. Liberation lets us know the way to live. With virtue, we set our hearts free. Breathe and simplify.

[ Worldwide Blessing Generator ]

Penis Name Generator.

I never understood why some people would give their penis a name. But in case you want to, and you're out of inspiration, use the Penis Name Generator.

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[ Penis Name Generator ]

Random Shopping List Generator.

Generate a random shopping list.

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(thanks Brian)

[ Random Shopping List Generator ]

Random Anime Plot Generator.

Offering infinite plot possibilities for the aspiring anime producer.
Your specially-produced, truly-unique anime plot is:

In outer space a team of young psychics battle gang of evil psychics/androids/criminals and destroy the city in the heat of combat.


[ Random Anime Plot Generator ]

segunda-feira, 12 de junho de 2006

Warning Sign Generator.

Create your own Warning Sign.

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[ Warning Sign Generator ]

domingo, 11 de junho de 2006

Confucius Message Generator.

Confucius says:

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[ Confucius Message Generator ]

Mikon Generator.

Mikons are a new take on a classic form of self-expression and a cool way to meet new people through visual symbols. You can create your own mikon, tell your story, and decide how you want to share them and connect with people anywhere in the world.

You have to sign up to establish your unique login ID and password. You can then use the Mikon Machine to create the symbols that tell your story.

(thanks Michelle)

[ Mikon Generator ]

quinta-feira, 8 de junho de 2006

Obituary Generator.

This is actually an advertisement for Axe. Upload a photo, choose a gamekiller story, provide some information and see your obituary.

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[ Obituary Generator ]

Linux Sign Generator.

Create your own Linux sign.

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[ Linux Sign Generator ]

segunda-feira, 5 de junho de 2006

Random Paragraph Generator.

Create random paragraphs.
Like this one:

The Generator Blog emerges in a force. The involved peanut tenders the blood on top of the invited pressure. The Generator Blog salts a petty holiday. My sailing razor parks an ongoing force.

Yep, I know what you're talking about! I think!

[ Random Paragraph Generator ]

Highway Sign Generator.

Make your own Highway sign.

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[ Highway Sign Generator ]