quinta-feira, 30 de março de 2006

Travesty Generator.

The Travesty Generator creates a new text based on how often sequences of characters appear in the original text. For instance, for an order 3 travesty, the result is a text in which all combinations of three characters appear at roughly the same frequency as all three-letter combinations in the original text.
You understand this? Me neither!

Here's an example. Suppose the text is:
There was a fat turkey named Sam, who gobbled whenever he ran. He came out of the bush, presenting his tush, and was shot up the arse by a man.

The Travesty Generator created this new text:
There was shot up the by a fat tush, presenting his tush, presenting his turkey name out of the bush, and who gobbled was a man. He came out of the arse bush, presenting his turkey named who gobbled Sam

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[ Travesty Generator ]

Minuet Generator.

In 1787, Mozart wrote the measures and instructions for a musical composition dice game. The idea is to cut and paste pre-written measures of music together to create a Minuet. The Minuet Generator is an implementation of such a game.

Just enter two 'patch numbers' and the computer generates all the random numbers and gives you the resulting piece.

(thanks Nero)

[ Minuet Generator ]

terça-feira, 28 de março de 2006

Random Disease Generator.

Pharmaceutical companies make billions every year from disorders, diseases and medical conditions. Got a strange symptom? They'll cook up a cure and they'll even give your symptoms a catchy name if they think they can make money with it.

So to help pharmaceutical companies come up with new ideas for diseases and drugs they can market, the Random Disease Generator was invented.

Some examples:
Paranoid Hillbilly Teeth Disease, Paranoid Bush-Cheney Syndrome, Hypersensitive Bowleg Inbred Disorder, Hypersensitive Jock Itch Disorder, Acquired Tom Cruise Insanity Disorder

[ Random Disease Generator ]

sexta-feira, 24 de março de 2006

Brand Name Generator.

Simply enter your name, choose your values and your goals and, Hey Prestognia!, your new name will be automatically displayed - absolutely free of charge.

Laetor - Your brand will be unique because this denotes:
mindset in stone.

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[ Brand Name Generator ]

quarta-feira, 22 de março de 2006

Newspaper Snippet Generator.

Create your own newspaper snippet.

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[ Newspaper Snippet Generator ]

Death Cause Generator.

Let the way of your death be foretold. I know, it's morbid but using this generator is more fun than actually dying!

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It seems that I, while on a boat, will slip and fall overboard. As I struggle to climb back in, my hands are chopped off by the motor's blades. I sink beneath the water as I bleed profusely.

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[ Death Cause Generator ]

Euphemism Generator.

The Euphemism Generator can create up to 240,133,588 unique phrases!
Like this one:

Of course, back in my day we called it boarding the Volvo.

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[ Euphemism Generator ]

sexta-feira, 17 de março de 2006

Football Career Generator.

Create your own football (soccer) career with this Puma Football Generator. Enter a name and click on 'Your Career.'

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[ Football Career Generator ]

Begging Generator

Beggr is all about the art of begging. Still in beta stage, each time the page loads, viewers can raise their brow in doubt, or giggle in surprise at the random and obnoxious statements generated.

I could do with a Porsche.

(thanks Faeleia)

[ Begging Generator ]

quinta-feira, 16 de março de 2006

Silly Walks Generator.

Create a silly walk, Monty Python style, and send them to your friends.

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(thanks Faeleia)

[ Silly Walks Generator ]

Monster Name Decoder Generator.

Enter a name.
Choose an avatar.
And voila, your monster name decoded.

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[ Monster Name Decoder Generator ]

Cigarette Packet Generator.

Design a cigarette packet.
And remember, smoking is bad for your health.

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[ Cigarette Packet Generator ]

domingo, 12 de março de 2006

Virtual Spatula Generator.

Spatulas make great gifts, and what better way to say 'I love you' than with the gift of a spatula? Besides, everyone needs spatulas. How many times have you been in a situation that required the aid of a spatula, but alas, none was available? No one should have to go through such anguish.

So, what's stopping you? Send a Virtual Spatula to someone today!

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(thanks Vance)

[ Virtual Spatula Generator ]

School Sign Generator.

Fill in some forms, hit the submit button and make your own school sign.

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(thanks JPAC)

[ School Sign Generator ]

Plane Banner Generator.

Make your own plane banner.

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[ Plane Banner Generator ]

sábado, 11 de março de 2006

Random Chick Tract Generator.

Chick Publications is an American publishing company run by Jack Chick which produces the famous comic tracts in many languages. Chick is well known for his publications on issues that are highly controversial.

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[ Random Chick Tract Generator ]

quinta-feira, 9 de março de 2006

Comic Strip Generator.

Create customised cartoon comic strips (one cell at a time).
There are hundreds of cartoons to choose from.

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[ Comic Strip Generator ]

quinta-feira, 2 de março de 2006

Science Fiction Plot Generator.

So, you always wanted to write a science fiction novel, but just can't seem to think up a suitable plot? Most of these will be absurd, but they might help to spark some ideas.

A feeble outcast is stranded in a futuristic spaceport. His accomplice is killed by an unstoppable warrior. With the help of a handsome cyborg, he must cross into another galaxy in order to avert disaster and save his galaxy.

(thanks Matthew)

[ Science Fiction Plot Generator ]